Gambling back in the day meant paying a visit to the ones nearest to your home. That could mean a drive down a couple of blocks for the Vegas resident and alternately a flight ticket and 100 miles if you came from a small town that doesn’t have a decent casino. Now those days are long over and all you need to do is log on to the hippest online dens that offer you a mind-numbing range of games and services for you to choose from. For most people the question never arises as to whether online casinos are better than offline because to them, it is just that. Who can ignore convenience, speed and choices within clicks and not kilometers! But then there are some who prefer the offline game because it is more organic, it is safer and it is more real. Even so, the mushrooming of business around online casinos and gambling means immense development into more sophisticated software and the like. And that is also a case for its ever so popular nature and phenomenal growth.

Why are online casinos better than offline casinos?

Well for one there are thousands of casinos on the internet and most of them are available notwithstanding your region. Either you download them or play through flash sites, but the fact remains it can all  be done through your computer from the comfort of your home, maybe while you’re dressed in flannel pants! Then there’s the case for no need to travel or hitchhike to a casino you like! And of course, there is the judgment quotient which is ever so unavoidable when you declare that you want a more organic experience of gambling. There are tons of disapproving people out there and online casinos offer you that refuge of being a part of the circuit and never really divulging your real identity. In that sense, it has a great positioning for you to play your fantasy out as the richest, more desirable person by tipping the virtual dealer and buying your opponents drinks, yet never letting anyone in.

The variety of games that are available online are unbelievable, the catalog is unending and even the biggest and most decadent casinos in Vegas can’t outmatch this number. For the uninitiated and seasoned player alike, there is the case for the attractive bonuses that paint the online gambling world. These bonuses are given along with every deposit made with select domains and this is a great way to actually play without spending any money of your own. In fact, maybe you even win using the same bonuses. Some of these sites even waive the deposit for the first timers and on other accounts they provide very lucrative loyalty points for those players who are their frequent users.

The online casinos are a great place for fun but testing the waters is crucial. There is the case for fraudulent casinos and those that rig the games. So it’s important to really choose from the online casinos out there till you find the ones with the best practices. And then it’s clear as to why online casinos are better than offline casinos.

by Hussein Chatin – Chief Editor of