Sportbetting and online casino is a portal that focuses on sports betting and online casinos in the United States. It was launched in 2018 to keep its visitors up-to-date with the latest news on sports betting and online casino playing in the US licensed states. At the moment of writing this review, it is obvious that the gaming portal is still under construction. Let’s learn what it has to offer so far.

US Betting and Online Casino Landscape

Once you visit, you will land on the homepage bringing a comprehensive guide to online sports betting in the US. It includes an overview of the history and the current sports betting landscape. If you are into the political background of the current situation, you can find some interesting details regarding it here. The website presents the current state of sports betting bringing the list of the US states where this form of entertainment has been legalized. They include Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Furthermore, the website lists New York as a state where the new betting regulations are still pending. You can also learn about the states where the bills “have been tried” such as Michigan and California. Besides the current landscape, visitors can also learn about expectations, new events in sports betting and its future. According to the gaming portal, more states are expected to approve and legalize sports betting within their boundaries in future due to high tax revenue projections for states that have already approved this form of entertainment. The site also states that the American Gambling Association (AGA) is fully supportive of sports betting.

Rules of Online Gambling

In the News category, you will find a single article regarding the rules of online gambling. The comprehensive article gives you an insight into online casino playing. The website advises players to create a budget, read the rules of the game they want to play and not to borrow money for this purpose. In addition, players should make sure to inform themselves about the gambling laws in their state and online gambling in general. One of the main messages you will find in this article is that gambling is not for the fainthearted, but most importantly it is not for the ignorant.


As a relatively new gaming portal, offers a plethora of useful information. It caters to US citizens allowing those who are new to sports betting and online casinos to learn more about the market. Since the US legal landscape is quite confusing with most of states not having regulated the online gaming market yet, such a website is a necessity. We expect to grow into a reputable source of information that will provide US players with all necessary details on all aspects of online gaming such as casino and game reviews, bonus and promotional offers and other stuff that can come in handy. So far so good,! Keep up the good work and you will see visitors coming back for more!