Mobile casinos

Mobile casinosIn the recent century, one of the most valuable assets of life is “Mobility”. “Doing the things while being “Mobile” means you save your time while you are on the move regardless of specific location. Online gambling industry also realized the value added advantages of “mobility” and created the area of “Mobile Gaming“.

Today, few strong online casino brands already implemented their “Mobile Casino” versions. But the number of “Mobile Casinos” are expected to grow exponentially as mobile communication gadgets like smartphones and tablets usage are growing rapidly.

Basically, “Mobile Casinos” enable you to play “Mobile Casino Games” via your favorite mobile device. The main differences of a “Mobile Casino” from “Traditional Online Casino” are optimized graphics and navigational design for the “mobile platform compatibility”.

Mobile Gaming Revolution” has begun shortly but expanding tremendously. So, we as “Casino Recommender Team” strongly believe that, in the coming future, if an online casino brand will be “Out of Mobile Gaming”, it will also be accepted as “Out of Gaming”. So, we vigorously recommend you to experience “Mobile Online Casinos” and follow the potential developments closely.

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Android casinos

Android casinosLinux based “Android” brand is one of the most popular mobile phone operating systems that was founded by “Android Inc”. Today there are more than 215 Android-based mobile phones and tablets of different brands. Google has purchased the initial developer of the software in 2005 and integrated to mobile gadgets in 2007 all around the world.

As we all very well know, online gambling industry rapidly grows day by day and increasing number of people are preferring to play in mobile casinos which enable them to be free in terms of location and time. Today, approximately over 300 million Android based mobile devices are used globally and unsurprisingly, online casino brands did not miss this opportunity. Most of the mobile casinos are offering Android casino application services to compete in the category of “Android Casinos“.

Today, the Android application store named “Google Play” serves more than 450,000 downloadable “Android Applications” which are either free or for money. During our review, the latest Android operating system version was 4.0.

iPhone casinos

iPhone casinosThink of a technological device such that has successfully revolutionized the worldwide people’s existing communication habits and be a part of their livings as indispensable as their hands. It is “Apple iPhone” which was firstly announced by the late “immortal-innovator – Steve Jobs” in Macworld Conference & Expo on 9th January 2007. Ever since, approximately each year, a new-generation model has been added to iPhone series with more-developed operating systems embedded in them.

Since its launch on 29th June 2007, there have been more than 200 million iPhones sold all around the world and there were more than 350,000 “Apple Store” applications available with over 10 billion downloads accomplished up-to April-2012 . Paid-Applications have enabled their global developers earn more than 2 billion US$.

What made Apple iPhone, the most-sold smartphone ? There are many factors but the most important ones are; Practicality, Speed, GUI (Graphical User Interface) and last-but-not-the-least Apple iOS (Intelligent Operating System). It was not at all any surprise that online gambling sector has adopted their online casinos into this powerful yet affordable smartphone platform by employing “iPhone Casinos“. The Audio & Visual hegemony of iPhone over all other competitors, makes it a number-one choice for online gamblers.

iPad casinos

iPad casinosApple has been impressively contributing to technology and communication sector by its outstanding products. iPad is one of her trend-setting gadgets for sure. It is a pioneer in tablet-computing and all other competitors are followers of iPad with their tablet designs. iPad tablet devices are not only being used for business purposes but also for entertainment and leisure.

All generations of Apple iPads have high-definition (HD) screens performing very well with graphics which require high-resolutions. Besides, the speed of its main and graphical processors are more than enough to accommodate online gamers’ expectations. Due to these factors, online gambling sector did not miss this opportunity and produced their “iPad Casinos” which are exclusively designed for full-compatibility with iPad iOS (Intelligent Operating System) and screen resolutions.

iPod casinos

iPod is another Apple device which has revolutionized the music industry, setting consumer trends. The first iPod was announced on October 23, 2001 and released on November 10, 2011. The definition of iPod can simply be summarized as “iPhone without a telephone“. In addition to listening to music files as a music player, you can also browse the internet and use all of the applications of Apple Store depending on your iPod device generation.

Based on the above points, we can all easily understand that an iPod user can benefit from all of the iTunes application services also offered for iPhone, including games. And online gambling industry did not stay away from this opportunity of reaching to iPod owners via their “iPod Casinos“.

Windows Mobile Casinos

Windows Mobile CasinosDo you ever know anyone who does not know “Windows” operating system brand which has made her founder “Bill Gates” a World’s #1 billionaire ? Almost each and every person knows it very well. The success came from the widespread distribution of the software with the desktop and laptop computers globally. Not only business-people but also people from all profiles and ages have experienced Windows at least once in a lifetime.

When it was time for “Microsoft” to announce a mobile platform which can be used on smartphones, everybody became breathless. In year 2003, “Windows Mobile” has launched with its very first version. Until the end of 2011, many upgraded versions have been continuously produced.

The most significant power of “Windows” operating system comes from the widely-usage of her brand. But in contrast, “Windows Mobile” could not reach to the same level of success because of tough competitors such as “Apple iOS“, “Android OS” and “Blackberry OS” who all tackling strongly in the smartphone market. Nevertheless, online gambling industrialists focus on “Windows Mobile OS” by optimizing their mobile casinos for full-compatibility.

Blackberry Casinos

Blackberry CasinosIf you think that “BlackBerry” mobile gadgets are used only for business purposes and business-people are only using them as a communication medium,you are totally wrong. Because, in the recent years, these smartphones are being used for online gambling entertainment. The usage-practicality and speed of BlackBerry operating system, positively effects the mobile gambling experience. More and more wide-screened models are being added to the device portfolio each day and this will also empower the enjoyment level of mobile-gaming with these business phones and tablets.

More and more BlackBerry-Casinos are being entered into the industry by most popular and trusted online casinos. We name them “BlackBerry Casinos” because of their software-architecture compatibility in terms of screen resolutions and graphics standards. You can also play in any regular casino with your BlackBerry device but you will never achieve a full satisfaction and naturally may experience some incompatibility issues.

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