SlotsSlots as a term comes from Canadian English. It is known as “Slot Machine” in American English  and “Fruit Machine” in British English. No matter how it is called in any language, it is the basic type of casino game which requires little or no skill as well as know-how.

From every age, gender and level of experience, each and every online/offline gambler has most probably played this easy yet enjoyable casino game type. The history of slots goes back to 1887 where it was invented by Charles Fey at San Francisco, California, US. But the well-developed electromechanical version of slot machine was built by Bally in 1963.

Recommended casinos that offer slot games

If you need deeper information about slots, you can refer to Wikipedia.The popularity of slot games has been increased proportionally by the usage of slot machines in online casino games. Easiest thing is depositing money and playing online slots in any online casino but the hardest thing is choosing the right online slots casino from thousands of alternative gambling brands. At this stage, “Casino Recommender Gambling Reviews Team” is with you to recommend you the most trusted yet enjoyable slot casino brands.

Video slots and video poker

Video PokerAlthough Video Poker contains the word of “Poker“, it is not exactly the visual type of Poker. The most important differentiating factor is lack of player’s psychological strategies and tactics. As you are playing against a computer, you are free to behave. You can laugh with a “Royal Flush” in hand without hesitating to give a clue to your opponent like you do in Poker. There are many types of Video Poker but the most popular one is “Deuces Wild“.

At a first glance, one can mix “Video Slot Machines” with a “Video Poker Machine“. In fact, the only common factor for both is having monitors. Slots games are totally based on luck and there is no strategy or tactics, but in Video-Poker, you have to think over your hand and make a decisive act for reaching to your maximum hand value. Video Poker machines have been with us since 1970’s in parallel with spreading of the personal computers. Without any doubt, today’s high-tech Video Poker machines are well beyond the ancestors in terms of audio & visual quality level.

Above “CR Approved & Recommended Video Slots and Video Poker Casinos” will entertain you with top security, quality and bonus opportunities. Yet, most of them offer you huge earnings via “Accumulated Jackpots“. We as “Casino Recommender Team” have tested them one-by-one and approved them after qualifying with our zero-tolerance casinos selection criteria.

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