The mobile casino is quickly shedding its proverbial diapers and growing up. It is the fastest growing segment in the gambling industry and why not! It is convenient, it is always around 24/7 either on your smartphone or your iPad and it is completely addictive. With the increasing number of games and users, there has been a parallel increase in the number of mobile providers. This means good news and bad news. Good news because the market is becoming more competitive and therefore the standard of quality is being raised. The interactive element and the graphics of the games are witnessing a major facelift because of this. Bad news because the market now has more operators some of whom are fraudulent parties and can hide among the bigger pool of operators to cheat users. But the bad news only exists if you don’t take steps to ensure your safety. With Casino Recommender bringing to you authentic reviews of the best mobile casinos out there, it is always good news.

But you may still ask, “What are the criteria to be the best mobile casino?

Mobile casinos work pretty much the same way as an online casino. So the reviews work towards determining similar qualities, most crucial being that of security. Since the mobile casino also requires you to register and fund your account with credit information, we look for those casinos that use superior software and encryption to protect your information from third parties. Another important criterion that lends credibility to a mobile casino is the very software that they use to develop their domain and their interface. Only if it is licensed and uses the latest technology does it deserve any tag of honesty or reputation? With every company out there providing attractive bonuses and great prizes, there are a couple that also defaults on its withdrawals and payouts. The best mobile casinos, however, don’t do so and proven safe play is a great place to start when deciding the reputability of a mobile den.

Additionally, there is also the case for customer support. Those sites that have clearly laid down conditions along with guidelines and FAQs for the customer are good, and those which provide all of these along with 24/7 support earn the best tag. It is great to stumble across a new site that is having promotional offers and lucrative bonuses for its patrons but it is possible these incentives are engineered to suck you in and finally to suck you dry. Reading up on customer forums about a new gambling den is important in such cases. Now, with all the safety measures accounted for, moving onto the selection of games the use of graphics and navigational ease of use are important ways to rate mobile casinos. All of these selection tools exist solely so you can rest and enjoy your game of Bingo or Blackjack on your iPhone safely. Looking for those reviews are only part of the experience and after safely downloading and registering to the best mobile casinos, playing the games and trying to beat the house complete this absolutely exciting experience.

by Hussein Chatin – Chief Editor of