Majority of the online gambling brands who serve on the internet promise at least 4-figure or even 5-figure bonuses. You can also come across with such brands in our  site. There also exists some brand destinations providing highly modest and limited bonus possibilities or even from time to time with no bonus at all. Players, in general, think with the psychology that the higher the bonus the better brand it is as they love bona fida all the time. However, on the contrary, when one examines the casino complaints made by the players one can easily notice the very fact that majority of those complaints generate from those online casinos who offer high bonuses.
We, as CR gambling portal, evaluate each and every one of online gambling brand in our strict principal of zero tolerance and decide accordingly to advise or not. Thus in this site the chances of your crossing a problem in any one of the high bonused casinos are very low. However, in general terms, we most importantly recommend you to focus on not only the high amount of bonuses but also focus on all the other important factors. We must not forget that sites offering high bonuses earn as much as the ones offering low level of bonuses. Thus they never have an extra resource in order to compensate the high level of bonuses. Low bonus provider brands such as ;
  • Paddy Power €£ 200
  • Omni Casino $£€ 100
  • Virgin Casino £ 100
  • Castle Casino £ 100

Above all casinos have a much much higher level of financial strength relative to high level bonus providing casinos. Isn’t this a big question ?

Hussein Chatin – CR