Online Bingo is fun, exciting and here to stay. The growth of such sites that provide the game for players are increasing at a phenomenal rate. While in 2004 there were only 20 sites operating out of the UK the same number has blossomed into over 400 now. For those who know nothing of the game, bingo represents an opportunity to test your luck out. It’s a fun game and the online operators are cashing on keeping their sites more colorful and glamorous to draw in more players and customers. It also represents a great place to find fellowship where excitement and friendship are just around the next table or on the one you’re playing right now.

This chat-room feature is one of the highlights of using the online space for playing bingo. While talking is not exactly encouraged in the traditional offline domain where people are constantly ‘shushed’ here this very element of social interaction is engaged with great zeal. Prizes are a great deal of fun here too as players can choose between draws that can go up to thousands of pounds for a single game. All this aside, an internet connection and a laptop do not make you a bingo expert. There is the case for safety and security should be an important concern for any interested players out there.

Is Online Bingo Safe?

Well this depends completely on the operator you are dealing with or deciding to deal with. There are too many sites that operate like shady dealers who promise you the moon but instead manage to deliver a nasty experience. There is the fact that look up the message boards on every site and see the reviews left by other players but even plugged comments are a possibility with everyone trying to sell their online space better. So then it is always better to follow a guide where a couple of features make sure you can track down the right web domains to indulge this fun game.

Online bingo can be safe as long as you take the steps to ensure the same. Trying those sites that have good traffic and promise smaller cash prizes for little investment on your part are a better chance. Of course, bigger prizes are attractive but there are too many cautionary tales out there floating around for you to take the chance, at least in the beginning. Creating an effective password that is difficult to crack is another great tip to be safe from hackers and the like.

But most importantly, you owe it to the great game, to enjoy it better that you only go for those websites which are completely reputable. We, at Casino Recommender find those places for you where you no longer have to question ‘Is Online Bingo Safe?’ These sites typically protect your credit and personal information. Additionally those domains that deny access to multiple accounts and have strict policies in place for their method of cash-outs and use reliable third party intermediaries are your best bet to a really enjoyable game. We make sure that only those who deserve the ‘secure’ tag make it through to our recommendations, so that you can rest back and have a go at that full house!

by Hussein Chatin – Chief Editor of