Safe Online Casino” term refers to an online gambling site which ;

  • Pays your winnings hassle-free and on-time.
  • Is being audited by an objective and reputable auditing company for fair gaming odds and payouts.
  • Is sharing the payout and odds reports of the auditors transparently and regularly.
  • Does not detain you by requesting unnecessary withdrawal proof documents.
  • Does not share your personal, gaming and financial information with third parties.
  • Does have the needed security protocols and effective firewalls for any possible cyber attacks.

After defining the criteria of being a safe online casino, let me continue by pointing out the critical points when deciding to play at an online casino.

Before visiting any online casino site, do not forget to make a “….. Complaint“, “…… Scam” and/or “……. Problem” search on preferably Google, Yahoo, Bing and/or any other trusted search engines. Even if you come up with a single unsolved complaint, stop visiting that online gambling brand.

The very first thing that you have to take care of during your visit to any casino site is the graphical design quality. Mostly, the reputable and high-quality casinos do invest in design works and the scam brands do not. So it will be the first clue for you.

Secondly, check out the software provider(s) of the casino brand that you visit. Always prefer the casinos that are powered by well-known and reputable software companies like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech. Reliability of payout ratios and auditing reports are directly related to the casino software brand(s).

Thirdly, visit the “Customer Service” section. Be assure that telephone, postal address, e-mail address and Live-Chat alternatives are all available. If Toll-Free 800-line telephone services are available also, that is a plus for your convenience.

Next, visit the “Games” section and be sure that wide range of gaming categories and games are offered. And also having a “Live Casino” service means a reasonable investment has been made. Although this does not completely mean that there will not be any scam, it is a good signal in terms of service quality.

Next, look at the bottom of the casino website for the “Trust Certificates” like “eCOGRA“, “TST“, “RNG” and “SSL“. And also look for the registration country like “Curacao“, “Isle of Man” and “Virgin Islands” etc. If one of them exists, this is a good sign but not enough. They have to provide you with the registration number. If this number also exists, then this means that you are engaging with a trusted operator company.

Next, browse the language alternatives and make sure that at least 3 different languages are being offered. More languages mean more investment. And more investment mostly means more focus of the operator on the casino brand reputability and value.

Last but not the least, always read the online casino reviews and comments of respected gambling portals and forums and never open a real casino account before opening a free fun account to practice and be aware of that chosen brand.

And never forget that, finding a safe online casino is just the beginning of the gambling journey. “Playing Responsibly” should be the main policy of yours and you should always spend the money that you do not need to spend somewhere else that is more crucial.