Why Bingo Lovers Prefer to Play at Gala Bingo? 

Do you find hard to resist the temptation of playing bingo? Is it your favorite time pass and you want to know the sites on which you can get the true worth for your money? If yes, then do not look further and visit Gala Bingo room and get an enchanting experience. Gala is one of the largest and best-known bingo providers in the United Kingdom. Let us take a quick review.

Can Play Gala Bingo on TV: 

Gals has online provision and the players can play Gala Bingo on TV. If any player wins then his/her name and ticket would be shown on screen.

Gala Offers Regular Promotions: 

As soon as you register, then you will get a free bingo bonus money of £45 for an only spending of £10 after depositing a small amount of £10! Other offers include prize draws, freebies and a considerable amount of prize money. Not only this, the major attraction of playing bingo at Gala Bingo room is the progressive jackpot which can be won only when the player calls a full house in thirty-two calls or less than that. Progressive Jackpot is indeed the foremost attraction of playing bingo at the gala.

Cheap Games are Available: 

Games played at Gala are cheaper and cost about 50p/ticket and sometimes they are available free of cost. There are the rooms like Island room that offer cheap games. If you want to get hold of the surplus funds you can join Vindicate or can play chat games. Small group players playing in tandem with each other. If any player wins all the other players in Vindicate get benefited as they also win 50p.

Funding Your Account is An Easy Task: 

You would never find difficulty in getting your account funded, as GalaBingo.com accepts all the major debit and credit cards. Like Moneybookers, quickpay and bank transfer of course.

Customize Your Playing Experience and Make it Memorable: 

The best part of playing in the GalaBingo is that you can customize your experience as per your desire and requirement. For instance, you can switch on and off the background music while playing the game or can choose the background of your room.

Long and Short of it:

Playing bingo has been a favorite for a large number of people but there is nothing like playing it on Gala. Gala is a site which is thoroughly customer-centric. The site has put in plenty of efforts to enhance the gaming experience of the player and to make it a perfectly memorable experience. No wonder why Gala has become a favorite and much sought after site among the bingo lovers. Gala is an active member of both Twitter and Facebook. Buzzy bear is the mascot of Gala and has its own account on Twitter. In short, there are reasons good enough to log in to Gala Bingo.

Start playing at gala if you want to avail facilities like plenty of games both for new players as well as old and recurring ones, big prize money, deposit bonuses and the last but not the least you can customize your settings as well!