There are millions of sites on the web with information related to casino and gambling sites: reviews, magazines, bet compare, and Forums are among them. It is important that you as a player investigate to a certain extent so you have an idea of what to expect from these webs when browsing around.

The best thing you can do is to inform yourself from different sources and learn to identify the potential risks involved, get to know which are the most recognizable brands in the market not just for casinos but also for software providers, the advantages they have, key features, new releases, etc. so you give less chance to scams. We will give you a few tips that are not meant to be strict rules but mere practical advice to open your eyes, in what signs you should look for and where so you familiarize with them.

What are the signs a site is reliable:

If you are looking for a review site look for symbols or links to gamblers anonymous, gamblers aware and responsible gambling.

If the site is just informative it doesn’t necessarily need to have links to those cited above, instead focus on the content. Is it vague, short and lame? then leave it. The main purpose of a site like this is to bring you value so when you read a few lines ask yourself if you are really getting something useful out from it.

Promotions: Be sure that the promotion dates are recent. Eg. Halloween when is February, they should be updated.

Some of the casinos have CRM promotions connected to the review or magazine sites, they also have special promos. So if you have registered through one of these sites and you receive a welcome email mentioning both the casino and the review website take it as a good sign of trust. A reputable casino won’t create a tailored promo with a non-reputable website. However, keep an eye on the emails, observe that they are not dodgy and request for more personal information than they should.

Is it legal in your country? If betting is legal in your country there should be a government branch in charge of monitoring the gambling sites. In Spain, for instance, is the “Ordenacion del Juego”. Check which correspond to your country and look for the logo in the authorized casino and review site.

In Europe countries like Germany, UK, Denmark, Italy, Spain and Sweden have regulated gambling and they have strict laws to protect your deposits and winnings so stick to sites that are protected by those governments.

We hope those tips help you to select the best gaming experience and the safest. Don’t forget that the best tool to protect yourself always will be the common sense.