Online casino as a trend is one of the greatest outreaches of the gambling industry and has opened up a vista of opportunities for operators and players alike. There are web-based online casinos, then there are download based casinos. There are Random Number Generator games, then there are Live Dealer games. All this notwithstanding, the virtual space is filled with more technological innovation that is constantly upping its ante to provide to its users the best casino experience. All of this can lead to the conclusion that virtual casinos can easily rival the land-based casinos that were the norm 20 years ago. From baccarat, roulette, slot machines, poker, bingo, craps and even lesser known variants of sic-bo and keno are available in the web domain. But the question on every player’s mind and lips are the same.

Are Online Casinos Safe?

Not just in terms of security of the users’ information and the way they deal with payouts and credit, but also in terms of whether the casinos are rigged, these questions are serious and combine several implications. How do you decide to trust a casino that lets you win real cash although not asking for a deposit when you sit at their tables? Alternately how do you know that your winnings will finally make their way into your account at the end of the day?
Fraudulent activities, unfortunately, have been documented in many cases but this should not tarnish the reputation of every online casino out there for there are many that uphold the highest regard for your enjoyment and their own practices!

The fraud operators out there typically use and develop software that sometimes cheat the RNG format thereby mathematically rigging the game against the player. Others often go into lock-down when they time comes for players to collect their winnings. But this is not the whole picture and if you exercise caution, you can be safe. If you follow the best advice out there that solely exists for that, you are sure to be safe from such sites. We put in a whole lot of research to provide just that to you and all our expertise goes into developing a database that makes sure that only the best and the safest make it on our list.

Online casinos routed through Casino Recommender are safe because our selection criteria engage several different factors. Money transactions topping that list, the safe sites are those that use the most trusted methods of deposits and withdrawals. Sites that engage the best software for encryption of information only make it to the list. These sites also believe in confidentiality when it comes to the information of their players and doesn’t share the same with any other parties. Illegitimate operators without licenses are often unsafe sites and they are often knocked down by the government soon. Accreditation from reputable external bodies is also a good sign to detect the good ones out there. Online casinos can present a great form of enjoyment and recreation so long as you are willing to take the steps to finding those providers that allow you comfort and security.