WnTrillions Lottery Review


WinTrillions Lottery Messenger Service Brand, founded in 2005, is licensed in UK Gambling Commission and is being edited by “Independent Auditors”. WinTrillions is within the “Ledonford Ltd.” company located in Nicosia, Cyprus. WinTrillions, as it is  presented briefly and most practically in 4 steps under the heading of “How does it work ?” which is placed on the upper right-hand side of her main page, acts as your agent to enable you to purchase any ticket from any lottery of any part of the world and thereby to  transfer your earnings to you. WinTrillions brand is operable in 8 languages (German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, French, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian and Danish) including English.

“Win Trillions Lottery” brand which is powered by “Custom Software“, increases your chance of winning even further by offering you the “Syndicate Games“. While we were preparing our “WinTrillions Lottery Review”, the following Syndicate Games, as shown below, were available with their relevant high jackpot winnings;

Syndicate Game Jackpot
Power Combo US$ 231 million
SuperEnaLotto € 63,300,000
MegaMillions US$ 83,000,000
EuroMillions Max € 54,000,000
EuroMillions Mini € 54,000,000
Florida US$ 7,000,000
La Primitiva € 3,000,000
Irish_Lotto € 2,500,000
Oz_Lotto Au$ 2,000,000

The “WinTrillions Mobile” service enables you to purchase your lottery ticket online at any place you are as well as at any time you wish by using your iPhone or iPod. In order to accomplish this, all you need is just to plug the address of mobile.wintrillions.com into the URL field of your Safari Web Browser.You can accomplish of purchasing bulk tickets for periods of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, within speeds of taking few seconds, in a quite simple and practical way by means of an interface.

Free Tickets” are available as present to those people who manage to advise their friends and/or relatives to become customers of “WinTrillions Lottery” site as well as to these customers introduced, by means of the opportunity provided under the heading of “Referrals“. In order to accomplish this, all you need to do is simply to fill the “refer a friend” form in the site and send it to the person you plan to introduce.

The brand names of worldwide lotto games presented in the Win Trillions Lottery are as follows;

Powerball La Primitiva
EuroMillions New York Lotto
MegaMillions UK National Lottery
6/49 Lottery Irish Lotto
SuperEnaLotto Powerball Australia
El Gordo Oz Lotto
California SuperLotto Hot Lotto
Mega Sena German Lotto
Florida Lotto Hoosier Lotto
France Lotto Thunderball Lotto

WinTrillions enables you to play any raffle from any place in the world with a service under the heading of “Raffles“. While we were preparing our Wintrillions Review, the following raffles were available;

“Loteria Nacional” (Thursday’s draw) € 12,600,000
“Loteria Nacional” (Saturday’s draw) € 42,000,000
“Loteria Nacional” (March’s Special Draw) € 84,000,000

Within the “Latest Results” and “Detailed Results” sub-sections of the “Results” section, you can follow live the position of your Lottery Tickets. Additionally, Wintrillions will inform you, by e-mail, of any award you win including the jackpot.
We earnestly state the fact that, based upon our trial tests as “Casino Recommender – Reviews Team“, we have not encountered any single problem either in scanning and sending of the  purchasing lottery tickets or in the speed of transferring of the awards won.

Win Trillions’s “Winners” section shares with you the pictures, the names and surnames of the latest winning players together with the amounts gained by them under the heading of “Our Latest Winners“.

Within the “Lucky Points” opportunity, WinTrillions.com rewards her loyal lottery players with a promoting system which enables them to win real money. According to this system, you will be able to win back 1 Lucky Point each time you spend US$ 10 when purchasing “Lottery Tickets”. Every time you reach the point of 5 Lucky Points you will be rewarded with a real money of US$ 1 which you can use it in purchasing lotto tickets free of charge.

You can reach the WinTrillions’s “Contact Us” section by “E-Mail Form” and get fast answers to your questions. We would like to mention that we experienced a total customer satisfaction during our trial tests, in terms of speed and solution focusing. Moreover, we most importantly recommend you, in order to gain time before contacting, to read the “FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)” section which contains all the questions and answers put forward previously.

Win Trillions Lottery delivers you the important announcements in the form of “Blog” by means of her “Community” section while you are enabled to read the experiences of other customers in WinTrillions as well as to share your own impressions using the “User Reviews” and “Share Your Dreams” sections.

WinTrillions’s “Payment Options” provides you the alternatives available such as VISA, MasterCard, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DELTA, VISA DEBIT, VISA ELECTRON, JCB, Bank transfer, Western Union, Skrill Moneybookers, Ukash and Token Pay. We would like to state that we have experienced a fast and uninterrupted service in all of the money depositing and withdrawal transactions.

Whether you play “Lottery Games” in your own country or not, in order to live the privilege of joining all of the worldwide “Lotto Games”, WinTrillions is the right address with her full trustworthiness. Hence, as “Casino Recommender Team“, this address is our recommendation to you.