Casino Affiliate Program” means an opportunity for a website owner, blog owner, E-mail marketer and/or social media marketer to earn commissions from publishing the banners and/or links to the contracted casino brands.

Let us explain the meaning of the “affiliate” term also. An “Affiliate” means a revenue commissioner of a brand’s specific affiliate program with a contract.

The first step to being an affiliate is selecting a reputable yet high-commission paying affiliate program. After choosing the proper program(s), then the affiliated candidate should apply for that program(s). After reviewing their application, one of the affiliate program executives responds with a confirmation or refusal response. Normally, if you are not engaging in illegal activities, your application will be approved.

Then you will choose from the two models; “Revenue Share” or “CPA (Cost per Acquisition)“. Sometimes casinos do not offer CPA model but generally, they do. And rarely some of the casino brands offer “Hybrid Commission Model” which consists of Revenue Share+CPA commission.

Revenue Share percentages vary from 20% to even 60% and CPA amounts may be between €/$/£50 and €/$/£300. Some exceptional rates may be seen but the general scope is around these values.

One of the most important key factors affecting your preference should be the”Lifetime Revenue” policy, this means that, if a casino brand offers you “Life-Time Revenue” model, even if you terminate your site, blog or any other promotional activities, you will be continuously earning the affiliate commissions from the players that you have referred to that program before.

At normal conditions an affiliate can not negotiate the percentages or CPA amounts with the casino affiliate program managers at the beginning of the cooperation but there are some exceptions where strong sites and/or blogs do negotiate due to their traffic strength.

One of the most important factors for preferring a casino affiliate program is the “Negative Carry-Over” policy. It briefly means that, if an affiliate program applies “No Negative Carry-Over” policy for its program, this means that the negative total result of that month will not be carried to the next month. And the affiliate will start the new month with zero commission balance.

The second step is about selecting the best performer promotional materials from the control panel of the affiliate program via logging and publishing them on your website, blog or wherever they will be promoted at.

The third step is the most enjoyable step for sure. After having done all of the publishing, affiliate starts to monitor the statistics from the affiliate control panel. Generally, the stats are being updated with a 1-day delay. But sometimes, can be live which is more dynamic and motivating.

The last but not the least step is the harvesting of the investments… It is the “Withdrawal” stage. Most of the affiliate programs pay the commissions monthly but some of them can even pay weekly or bi-weekly.

Most common commission payment alternatives are; Neteller, Skrill Moneybookers, EcoCard, PayPal and Wire Transfer. There are other payment options as well but these are the widely used ones in the affiliate industry.

Minimum commission withdrawal amount limits can vary from one affiliate program to another with respect to the payment alternative but generally €/$/£50.

Our recommendation for both the new beginners and the experienced affiliates is that before choosing any affiliate program, refer to one of the respectable affiliate program forums like, and to share the knowledge and past experiences.

by Hussein Chatin

Chief Editor of CR