We as affiliates are like landlords who have one or more houses to rent for tenants(gambling brands) for generating additional income or completely earn our lives like we do at our CasinoRecommender.com gambling portal.

The story begins with hanging a ‘For Rent’ sign on our house(site) after building it. Then people(internet surfers) walking around will start to see and visit our house. The more our house’s attractiveness, the more interest we get on it.


Then world’s greatest real estate agency (Google) and the other major agencies (Yahoo, Bing etc.) notice our house(s) while browsing the district’s street by street and rank us (PR) according to our house’s visual and technical specifications as well as building age and strength. Sometimes landlords hire architects (SEO Agencies) for making their houses (sites) look more elegant and real estate agency-friendly (Google-Friendly). But actually not all of these architects do their jobs properly and they could give harm to your property! So it is sometimes better to do everything with do-it-yourself (organic and not paid) style.


One of the best methods for increasing your estate’s reputability for the sake of Real Estate Agents is having publicity about it. It can be done by hiring professional people but the preferred one is the organic one as we mentioned above. Probably the best places to do this freely are the public forums like GPWA, CAP etc. Also being social means being popular! Twitter, facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn are the must places to do this. Besides Pinterest was added lately. Being out of these channels almost mean being out of the branding game!


Then after ranking the houses one-by-one, major agencies record the significant houses on their “for rental list”. And actually, more than 80% of the potential tenants refer to the biggest real estate agency (Google) in the online world to find the most reputable destinations. So the more you rank well in Google agency, the more probabilities of wealthy tenants that rent your house(s). Yet, Google and other “web estate agencies” do not charge you any commission but can make you earn reasonable money by referring wealthy tenants to you. They only make money by having advertisements on the rental lists.


One of the most important things when renting our houses(websites) is making the right contracts with the right tenants which will pay-off our efforts. While doing this, we may refer to testimonials of other landlords’ past experiences regarding payment strength and obey to contract terms.


At the every stage of renting our real estates (websites), never-ending tasks that will be with us are maintaining the real estates‘ overall conditions well by renovating(redesigning), adding extra furniture(enhancing the visual and technical specifications) and building extra rooms(posts & pages). Some examples to this are CR UK Casinos (http://casinorecommender.com/all-casinos/uk-casinos), CR Roulette (http://casinorecommender.com/luck-games/roulette), CR No-Deposit Bonuses (http://casinorecommender.com/casino-bonuses/no-deposit-bonuses) sections. These examples can be enriched.


The most interesting yet opportunity-offering part of being a landlord(webmaster/owner) of a house(website) is the ability to rent for numerous tenants at the same time. In real life, generally, you do not have this option unless you rent your house to 2 or more singles. But a website can have hundreds of affiliate programs, advertisers and sponsors on it at the same time if they qualify with the site’s criteria. We do have 77 affiliate programs covering 106 gambling brands for CasinoRecommender.com. 1 single website and 77 probabilities of earning a fortune via Revenue Share and/or CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) ! Looks very efficient.


Last but not the least, being a landlord does not absolutely mean that you have all of the power to steer everything for yourself. Please do not forget that each and everyone in this industry are human beings and “greediness” is genetically coded more or less. So trust the best ones that you believe they are but always keep monitoring your selections for sustainable success.