Internet Bingo Review


Internet_Bingo, founded in 2005, has become a brand, carrying the simplest yet most practical but to-the-point design, among all the reviews up to date, Another distinctive and important feature of Internet Bingo, that attracted our attention, has been the exclusive availability of “Free Online Bingo“. Based upon this feature of Internet Bingo, if you think the unavailability of any money award, then you will be totally mistaken, because of the fact that you will be entering the monthly award raffles as you play on “Free Bingo“. For each of your “Play For Free” bingo game, you will have the right of earning 1 raffle. In this way you will be able to participate in the raffles at the end of each month.

Internet Bingo’s “How it Works ?” section explains to you very clearly in the most practical way how to start playing in 3 steps. Accordingly, after you “Register” you are enabled to play free online bingo without having to deposit any money and obtain automatically the right to participate in the end of month raffles. Although this section contains a sub-section under the heading of “Upcoming Prizes”, we most regrettably express that the 2006 data were available.

Winners” section shares with you the raffle awards allocated by Internet Bingo as well as  player “nicknames” of the winners. Again, although this section presents you the April and may 2007 awards, for just to give you an idea, we would like to share with you the awards listed under the heading of  “Recent Monthly Grand Prize Winners“;

  • Gift Certificate Amazon
  • V-Moda Earphones
  • Ipod Nano
  • Plasma TV
  • $100 Bingo Cash
  • $50 Bingo Cash
  • $25 Bingo Cash

You can access the Internet Bingo’s “Contact Us” section by means of “Live-Help” and “E-Mail (3 address alternatives)”. We would like to mention that in the 2 alternatives we have encountered a fast and efficient response of information.

Last but not the least, when we visited the Internet Bingo website with Firefox 10.0.2  web browser, we noticed a slip problem towards to the right hand side of the screen. We did not detect any problem at all in other scanners such as Safari 5.1.2, Google Chrome  17.0.963.56 and Internet Explorer 8. Hence, we would like to inform you that we notified the site authorities of this problem so that it can be solved.

Which bingo gamer  of the online and offline world would not wish to win without depositing any money at all ? In fact, the Internet Bingo brand, established in 2005 to serve just for this purpose, offers you with real bingo money awards as well as gift certificates by means of free of charge bingo games with “Zero-Risk“. As “Casino Recommender“, it is  our recommendation to try this brand where you can catch pleasant opportunities while resting your money in your pocket.

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