I am posting this information regarding a service which I have met via the recommendation of one of my friends “Graeme Mc Gow” (Editor and owner of affiliatebible.com) . When I read an article about “iWriter.com” service from his site, I had several question marks in my mind. But after having my very first 5 articles written, I have clearly seen that the writers which served me via iWriter platform were very satisfactory in terms of content quality and speed of service. Just at the end of 1st week, I have seen a remarkable amount of search engine reaching especially for long-tailed KW’s.

I am posting this thread in order to share my excellent experience with iWriter.com in terms of SEO for my group of 6 sites. After starting my content writing with this service, it immediately EMPOWERED the keyword rankings of my sites. Because all of the outsourced articles are purely natural and do not target specific SEO Keywords, word counting etc. . The writers all focus on the content quality and informational coverage.

You have several alternatives of writers (Basic, Premium and Elite levels) with alternative pricings according to the wording amount of articles. Let me give you an example: Even for $3; you can have your 500 words article written by a “Basic Writer”. You can also send a tip to the writer if you would like to encourage his/her work.

The iWriter site exactly works like a bridge mechanism between writers and site/project owners. There are thousands of (I assume) writers from all over the world and you can make a favorite list with the writers you are highly satisfied. So, by this feature, you can assign your articles/content only to your favorite writers to save your money and time.

The writers in this bazaar can also rewrite your article(s) as well. So it would be possible for you to have your previously written articles re-written and hence refresh your site.

“e-Books” and “Kindle Books” can also be written by the writers of your choice. So it can be possible for you to have your “e-Book” and “Kindle Book” projects written for your business investments.

If you are a “Writer” you can write content for other people to earn money. Then you can use this earned money for your outsourced articles. So this works in both directions. Even you can be an affiliate of this service to spread the word and earn commission from the referred writers and site owners.

Last but not least, let me honestly state that, I personally have ordered 138 articles up-to-now in roughly 5 months and what I have spent for all of these articles/reviews/sectional content was really value-for-money.

So I would like you to try this service, too. It is your choice of course. But at least visit their site to see and learn it by yourself. Thanks a lot for “iWriter” and “Graeme Mc Gow” for letting me and my Team know about this highly efficient and effective service. These articles have contributed to our work a lot and I am sure we will continue our cooperation for a long-term period.

Thanks a lot for reading this real-life experience with iWriter service. I hope and strongly think that it will also contribute to your SEO efforts and business by saving your time and money.


All the best,
Hussein Chatin
CR – Editor