Distance Gaming CasinosVue tec” is a software company based in the United Kingdom launched in 2002. They actively develop and support software solutions for real casinos by providing internet experience live with dealers. They have an experienced staff which deals with operations, skills and management of all online casinos around the world. It is located along 13 church streets, Douglas isle of Manchester. They have been offering live stream gaming content since 2005 and have gotten over ten million results with the provision of ‘Distance Gaming‘ software casinos.

After its venture into the online casino industry, the industry has really revolutionised due to its distance gaming software TM. The software allows players to bet on casino games happening in real time. It provides casinos with a unique opportunity by allowing patrons participate directly in the games being played in the real casino by use of their personal computers with internet connection. Furthermore, their live games provide an easy-to-use graphical interface and also live video progress of the games as they are in the casino. The casino patrons participate by integrating the existing casino tables into distance gaming TM system by use of sensors and camera to allow the progress of the games to be monitored by the casino’s central distance gaming server. The server is able to communicate with each individual game controller to monitor the state of the game in progress.


The programming of “Distance Gaming” powered casinos are written in JAVA TM language and hence provides compatibility across many end-user systems. It is easy to download with no manual installation expertise needed. Provision of a web interface by Vuetec’s Distance Gaming TM makes the management of the casino’s online gaming presence very simple and secure at the same time. The patrons also have easy access to their gaming accounts, they can deposit even money online.Moreover, the system operates such that accounts verification, game guides and management of financial details are assessed and verified by the casino by use of industry standard SSL encryption, hence tampering and interception is impossible. The distance gaming also provides a casino with an automatic method of collecting a variety of statistics from gaming tables.

Vuetec Software Live Roulette Review


“Distance gaming” software casinos offer a wide range and variety of games and slots. They include live roulette which is a multi-player game and so it allows many players to play the same game at the same table. Live blackjack and Texas hold’em are usually played against the dealer in the casino. “Live Punto Banco” is also a game offered by Distance Gaming casino software and it can be played along with other patrons as well as other poker live games .Interestingly, RNG (Random Number Generator) tables, slots ,keno and table games are also available with many more related games.


“Distance Gaming” software casinos offers multiple features like multilingual meaning more than 13 languages are available, multi-currency thus ensuring that you may deposit your money in any currency, you have a freedom of location and choice and hence you may choose a range of live feed games from any location. There’s also easy integration and compatibility with this software using different computer models. Continuous development of the” Distance Gaming “software casinos and updates ensures the betterment and improvement of their services.