iPhone CasinosThink of a technological device such that has successfully revolutionized the worldwide people’s existing communication habits and be a part of their livings as indispensable as their hands. It is “Apple iPhone” which was firstly announced by the late “immortal-innovator – Steve Jobs” in Macworld Conference & Expo on 9th January 2007. Ever since, approximately each year, a new-generation model has been added to iPhone series with more-developed operating systems embedded in them.

Since its launch on 29th June 2007, there have been more than 200 million iPhones sold all around the world and there were more than 350,000 “Apple Store” applications available with over 10 billion downloads accomplished up-to April-2012 . Paid-Applications have enabled their global developers earn more than 2 billion US$.

What made Apple iPhone, the most-sold smartphone ? There are many factors but the most important ones are; Practicality, Speed, GUI (Graphical User Interface) and last-but-not-the-least Apple iOS (Intelligent Operating System). It was not at all any surprise that online gambling sector has adopted their online casinos into this powerful yet affordable smartphone platform by employing “iPhone Casinos“. The Audio & Visual hegemony of iPhone over all other competitors, makes it a number-one choice for online gamblers.

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