Citadel logoOnline casinos are among the most lucrative businesses in the gambling industry with many players cutting a niche in the market. With the number of internet users increasing, online casino has gained more popularity with more players joining the industry. There has equally been an upsurge in online payment services for online casino services. “Citadel Commerce Corp” is an example of online payment service provider offering services to many online casinos. Citadel is one of the latest revolutions in eCommerce and allows for direct transfer of funds from individuals’ bank accounts to various merchants and is available in over 5 languages like English and German. Citadel supports various world currencies such as the USD and Euro. There are many Citadel casinos available online.

Citadel came into operation in the late 90’s and today it handles large volume monetary transactions. Citadel offers its customers a wide range of services to choose from. For instance Citadel Direct and Citadel Remittance each working in its unique way to facilitate payment. With Citadel Direct, clients pay through bank transfer where upon the receipt of bank details and the payment reference number they can log into their individual internet banking accounts. Payment reference number and details of the bank are filled after which transaction goes to the Citadel Direct. The online casino account of the player will then be credited hence allowing him/her to play.

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Another service provided by Citadel is the MyCitadel eWallet. With these services, players are able to use their credit or debit cards. All that is needed is the account’s email address and the player can add funds directly beside having many deposit options allowed by MyCitadel eWallet. In addition, they have Citadel Commerce which has also many benefits. With this service, the customer can buy casino credits instantly; it has a high encryption that protects personal information and privacy of the individual. The high encryption also guarantees the protection of transactions.

In this era of cyber crimes, this mode of online payment has come in handy to help online casino lovers to transact securely. There has also been a large number of household internet users which means there is ease in accessing online payment system. Individuals are sure that their details are safe besides enjoying fast payment services. It also allows players to write checks which are transmitted electronically and are very convenient since they only take 3 days for any transaction to be completed. Citadel has also provided an alternative to debit and credit cards since many countries do not trust this type of payments as secure.

Besides, operating on debit and credit cards is quite expensive compared to using Citadel. When using Citadel casinos, depositing funds is done with a lot of ease. All a player needs to do selecting the Citadel option in the particular banking area, designating the amount one would wish to transfer from Citadel to the online account. The player then logs into the Citadel account and verifies the amount he/she would like to transact. Citadel offers 24-hour services to its customers.

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