The EuroCard is listed as one of the best professional providers for banking services. No wonder EuroCard casinos recommend it as one of the modes of payment that gamblers can use to make secure and timely fund transfers to their online casino account. Transactions that are conducted via the EuroCard are approved instantly, as long as your credit card is functional and has the funds required.

The EuroCard is an issuer brand that operates within the framework of MasterCard Worldwide. The EuroCard was originally founded to serve the European market in 1964, but its alliance with MasterCard in 1968 provided it with the opportunity to operate on a global scale. It was then referred to as EuroCard international, until its merger with “Eurocheque International” in 1992 when it took on the name “Europay International”. A decade later, in 2002, Europay International merged with “MasterCard International” to create Maestro International, which later changed its name to MasterCard Worldwide.

As a payment processor for the EuroCard, the business of MasterCard Worldwide involves processing payments that are made between the merchant’s banks – banks of EuroCard casinos, and the banks of the gamblers. Like EuroCard, MasterCard started off as a membership organization for over 25,000 financial institutions until its public offering in 2006.


While the EuroCard logo-type is not applied anymore, its name is still associated with MasterCard and is found on the card. As such, EuroCard casinos that display the MasterCard logo allow gamers to use the EuroCard payment system in money games. Its operation is similar to that of other credit cards. When funding your online casino account, check whether it accepts the Euro Card or MasterCard. Then proceed to the cashier section, choose EuroCard as your payment option and transfer funds to your account. Withdrawals are also made directly to the EuroCard. The EuroCard is mostly used in countries in the Baltic and Scandinavian regions since most of the other regions where it was popular were taken over by the MasterCard. Nevertheless, the EuroCard is an accepted mode of payment in over 220 countries around the world.

Gamblers who make their payments using the EuroCard do not enjoy a variety of benefits such as reward points and bonus schemes. The EuroCard also has limits for deposits, which may restrict its usage for large transactions. However, there are more advantages than disadvantages when it comes to using the EuroCard. To begin with, EuroCard provides gamblers around the world with a fast and efficient way to make deposits and withdrawals. It is also convenient in that it does not have purchasing limits and its service fees are relatively low. In addition, it is a secure mode of payment compared to cash or check, and provides reliable customer support during working hours from Monday to Friday, CET.

EuroCard casinos trust that their players can make prompt and trustworthy payments by relying on the EuroCard. In the event that you lose your EuroCard, or identify a problem with it, you can access the card blocking service at any time of any day. Besides using the EuroCard to transfer funds to your gambling account, you can use it to purchase goods and services in over 20 million shops, or withdraw from over 900,000 ATMs around the world.

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