RummyRummy is a kind of card-matching game which can be played mostly with “deck-of-cards” and rarely with “playing-pieces”. The general aim of the game is sorting the identical playing cards. The ancestor of Rummy is known as “Conquian” which is originally found in Mexico. But if you go back to earlier centuries the starting point of “Conquian” was a Chinese “Khanhoo” game.

Basic Rummy game is called “Sai Rummy” and the second one is “Sanka Rummy“. They are both played with standard 52-Deck of cards. There are more than 30 Rummy gaming variations available for playing globally. Some of the well-known ones are; Gin Rummy, Buraco, Rummikub, Canasta, Kalooki, and Mahjong.

Online Rummy” has many advantageous factors when compared with land-based rummy. The major advantage is reaching to international players instantly via “Rummy Tournaments“. There are not many reputable gambling brands offering online rummy at the moment. With no doubt, “Rummy Royal” is the most well-known brand by not only offering games but also supplying them to other gambling brands via its high-quality and secure software.

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