Oz Lotteries Review


Oz Lotteries was founded in 2004 on behalf of “TMS New South Wales” and “TMS Global Services Pty Ltd.“.  TMS, as Australian “Lottery Exporter“, has been serving more than 500,000 customers from more than 40 countries since 1984 and exports “Australian Lottery Tickets” to all parts of the world by mail-order.

Oz Lotteries belongs to the “Jumbo Interactive Ltd” company which is one of the prominent technological companies of Australia and is listed in the “ASX (Australian Security Exchange)”. Additionally, Oz Lotteries, serving under the government supervision, is also the accredited seller agent of “NSW Lotteries” and “Tattersalls (lottery operators).

Within Oz Lotteries, the followingAustralian Lottery Games” are offered;

  • Saturday Lotto
  • Wednesday Lotto
  • Monday Lotto
  • $2 Jackpot Lottery
  • Lotto Strike
  • Powerball
  • OZ Lotto
  • 6 From 38 Pools
  • $5 Jackpot Lottery

Oz Lotteries’s “Lotto Results” section shares with you the results of all the lotteries offered. Still in this section, the following “Free Entries” are offered to you if you are registered;

Powerball 2 Free Games
Saturday Lotto 4 Free Games
OZ Lotto 1 Free Game

As you purchase online lottery tickets with the Oz Lotteries, you will be gaining “lotto points” with certain ratios via “Lotto Points” programme. And by these points, you will be getting discounts for your future lottery buyings. We recommend you to examine the table in the “Lotto Points” section in order to get a detailed answer to the question of “What can I get with my Lotto Points ?”
Whenever you have any question we primarily recommend you to have a look at the “FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)” section which carries a wide range of questions and their relevant answers. If this section does not provide any answer to your question(s), it is only then you can get fast and satisfactory information by using one of the alternatives, named; “
E-mail Form“,”Call Us“, “Postal Address” and “Chat with Us“.

As for the “Oz Lotteries’s Mobile Site” all you need to do is just to write the address of “m.ozlotteries.com” into the browser of your mobile device. You can then be able to play online lottery at any place you are in and at any time you wish by choosing any one of the alternatives, namely, “Play Lotto“, “Check Results” and “Join Now” which are all supplied to you by a fast, practical and mobile-friendly compact site you will be facing with.

Oz Lotteries’s “Deposit Methods” cover few but most acceptable alternatives. These alternatives are PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, BPAY and Diners Club International. We would like to state that, in all of these alternatives, we had a fast and most practical experience. As for the “Withdrawal Methods“, you are offered the following alternatives, namely, Direct Credit, Wire Transfer and Cheque Withdrawal. Lotto winnings of more than $20,000 are directly paid to the players by  “Oz Lotteries – Australian lotteries provider”. For any lottery winnings which are below this level are deposited in the players’ account.

Oz Lotteries is fully specialised in the Australian Lotteries as an online agency and is a highly trustable brand based upon her long years of experience. As “Casino Recommender  Team”, we are of the opinion that those brands who specialize in a certain fields can focus more efficiently which enables us to recommend you the Oz Lotteries online lotto brand with full complacency.