Internet has made the world to become a global village where business transactions between people and countries across the world have been made easy with eCommerce. Online business has also increased and a lot of players are making millions of money through various online businesses. Online casino is such kind of business. In the recent past, online casino business has attracted many entrepreneurs and players with many registering a lot of success.

Various payment services have come into the market to facilitate transactions in the online casino business enabling players to pay for the services with much ease. FIREPAY is such an example with many casinos subscribing for its services. “FIREPAY Casinos” works  just like a debit card enabling its users to make payments in the most safest and convenient way. With FIREPAY, users can transfer funds from their FIREPAY account to e-Cash account and also withdraw back into FIREPAY account.

Using FIREPAY services starts with a simple step of creating a free FIREPAY account online. Once one has a FIREPAY account, he/she can transfer funds directly form a bank account. FIREPAY is flexible as once the deposit is made on the account, the owner can debit money from it at his/her own convenience with the only expense of operating the account being the small fee charged once an individual deposits money into his/her FIREPAY account. Such costs as credit card fees are not applicable making the FIREPAY service cheaper to transact with. It offers its services only to Dollar bank account users and accepts, among other transaction methods, bank wires.

Opening a FIREPAY account you will just need to provide your personal information like the name, email address and a password and the information is kept secure by the advanced technology of securing information. For you to activate the account, you will need FIREPAY Access Code. FIREPAY has no set limits of funds to transact.

In addition, customer service is offered on a 24 hour basis and customers with issues can access any time they wish all the days of the week besides keeping track of one’s account status. FIREPAY has a superb transaction processing technology that is hosted in their own data center. They have advanced security features which ensure personal information of the clients is guarded. Such security features as IP address filtering and double firewalls makes FIREPAY stand out of the rest in terms of data security. There are no remitting funds with FIREPAY and personal information is secure as it is transmitted and stored in safest way.

FIREPAY payment system has come to aid online casino business in doing secure online transaction in this era when cyber crimes have escalated. Many people can now access online payment system as the number of household internet users has increased. FIREPAY has come in handy to provide alternative means of payment away from the traditional credit and debit cards which are not secure in most cases hence they are not trusted by most businesses. Individual’s details are stored safely and the payment service is quiet fast with this mode of online payment.