CongaLotto Review


CongaLotto Lottery was established in 2007, and serves all the official lotteries from all over the countries in the world as an “Official Lottery Buying Agent Service Provider“. Within the concept of this service you are enabled to participate in all the lottery drawings with huge jackpot awards by simply using either your desktop computer or mobile gadget by purchasing lottery tickets at whatever amount you desire and from wherever you are without having to travel. which is also the sponsor of our Casino Recommender “Lotto” section, offers a “$5 Free Welcome Bonus” to all of her newly registered customers. The mechanics of  the service which is offered to you in 8 languages (German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, French and Danish) including English, by the Conga Lotto brand is extremely simple and fully reliable.

Accordingly following your registration, you can put your demand for purchasing tickets for  any official lottery of of any country you desire. Then CongaLotto’s agents acquire your ticket from the licensed lottery retailer on your behalf and store your ticket in the safety deposit box until the raffle time as well as scan the real image of the ticket to you.

If your ticket wins an amount less than $600 from any raffle, then depending on your choice, Conga Lotto either transfers the amount won by your ticket to you by any banking system you prefer or else keeps it in your CongaLotto balance.

In case, with even more luck, you win an award higher than an amount of $600, then you will need to give an instruction to CongaLotto by filling the official lottery claim form, in order to enable her to reimburse on your behalf. Then your award will be transferred to you in the form of a check. For this service, the “CongaLotto Lottery” company will  demand a service fee. The amount of this service will be determined depending on the total value of your ticket purchased.

By means of Conga Lotto, whichever country of the world you are, when you wish to purchase a lottery ticket you can either select the numbers by yourself or let to be selected randomly by using the “Quick Pick” option.

Thanks to CongaLotto that you do not need to “download” any software into your computer, in  order to purchase any of the worldwide known official lottery tickets with large awards such as Powerball,  SuperEnaLotto, Megamillions and Euro Millions. Hence, it is possible for you to purchase a ticket fast and with ease by means of your PC or Apple Mac in the most practical way without facing any problem at all.

CongaLotto’s “Contact Us” section contains an “E-Mail Form” whereby you are enabled to receive fast and satisfactory feed-backs to all of your questions. Besides “Live Customer Support” service enables you to obtain even faster and more satisfactory information by chatting.

The official lotteries results which are already materialised or to be materialised in all the countries of the world are shared with you live by means of the “Latest Results” section. The “Play Lottery Online” option enables you to purchase ticket up to the “Time to Draw” moment.

The “Lottery Info” section provides you with highly detailed information concerning all the official lotteries by classifying them into continents as well as countries. The official lottery list on a country by country basis is shown below. We earnestly recommend you to visit the Lottery Info section to be well informed in detail.

Australia: OZ Powerball, OZ Lotto Germany: Lotto
Brazil: Mega Sena Ireland: Irish Lotto
California: Super Lotto Italy: SuperEnaLotto
Canada: Lotto 6/49 New York: Lotto
Europe: Euro Millions Spain: La Primitiva, El Gordo
Florida: Lotto U.S.A: Hot Lotto, Hoosier Lotto, Powerball, Megamillions
France: Loto United Kingdom: Thunderball, National Lottery

Payment Methods” of VISA, MasterCard, American Express, DELTA, VISA DEBIT, VISA ELECTRON, JCB, Bank transfer, Western Union, Skrill Moneybookers, Ukash and Token Pay are offered. Thus, the most reputable and acclaimed brands used in every part of the world are covered. The ability to perform all the transactions fast and practically will provide you a big comfort.

By means of CongaLotto, you can join all the official country lotteries which are being played in every part of the world, without limiting you to play only in your own country’s lottery,  with full confidence and practicality. You can follow-up your own “Lottery Tickets” online following the raffles. We recommend CongaLotto to all lotto lovers due to her ability to sustain her high quality as well as to provide services with highest added value.