Visionary iGaming CasinosMartin Reiner began his initiative with the “Visionary iGaming” software for online casinos in 2008 that took off as a niche service in Europe. However, five years into history and they are the biggest Live Dealer providers. They just recently strategically teamed up with “EveryMatrix” to provide them, at a large scale, with live casinos that involve the interactive experience with which iGaming’s studios are famous for.

Integrating the web’s superior technology and their creative ideas, the software provided users with such perfect environment of live studios that raised the realistic bar on every online gambling den. Live dealer casino games were the eventual development as they challenged the traditional domain of Random Number Generated games which have been the mainstay for online casino sites before iGaming hit the territory. Personalising the odd computer generated voice of the dealers and the uncanny speed of game plays, Visionary iGaming and other software changed this unpleasant experience for users everywhere. Initially a complicated process, the software was therefore limited in deployment but with the development of the web 2.0 so did the software finally take off!

Now bringing the game into life was no longer an impossibility with bandwidth capabilities being brought up to speed and communication and facilitation being revamped to include more scope for development. The makers of the software seized their chance and their Live Dealer software became bigger than ever. In 2011, after increasing their studios by over 500 percent in terms of size, their land-based and studio casino procedures became more realistic than ever before. Live streaming video that is completely smooth in run-time and completely integrated digital processes allowed the software to finally spread its wings.

Visionary iGaming Founder Marty Reiner speaks about Live Dealer 2.0

ViG Services

The services provided by the company to the online operations lend to their disposal ViG’s integrated live casino software. Alternately they also provide complete turnkey solutions for online dens to have the freedom to involve their own brands and use the expertise of the Visionary iGaming software in their casinos. They also provide a live feed for online casinos that is easily plugged into the online casino’s existing infrastructure. ‘Out of the game‘ interaction being a really demanded proof such a software, this sophisticated technology is here to stay. Making fun and entertainment the centre of their operations, the customer support that is provided by the company is certainly a perfect building block for their success.


Whether it’s the baccarat or the blackjack table or the more traditional poker game, Visionary iGaming software for online casinos is a definitive step forward for both users and online facilities to match the environment of the real world albeit from the comfort of your own home, or office. Additionally, the young company’s success is directly related to the rules they themselves endorse of maintaining the highest levels of security and integrity in their involvement with clients and users. This is a great bargain for players who might be afraid of trusting new domains. However, exercising caution when dealing with independent sites that provide the iGaming experience is an important distinction to make. To be able to play in a secure environment, it is best to first gauge the individual online casinos that offer the ViG services.