Proprietary Casino SoftwareProprietary Software powered online casinos have hit the casino gaming world in recent years. As opposed to the past; when most online game companies used to partner with existing, well-established software companies for licensing like Microgaming and Playtech; many online gamers set up, develop and implement their own software without help from the established companies. BTG is one such casino; designing, developing and implementing its own unique software. It provides online gaming in three areas; online casino, sports betting and online poker. BTG designs its software around the target audience and personal preference of its client, in order to provide and develop unique gaming software solutions across the globe. BTG Gaming, like other proprietary software casinos, has their own unique games that cannot be found in any other software.

BTG boasts in its content management system, which is fully secure. This system enables its employees to get the essential tools for developing customised reports with any information they require, and in the form required. BTG is dedicated to offering an outstanding and distinct software package of the most exciting and unique online casino games, together with extra features and products for your enjoyment. BTG provides its clients with a wide range of online casino games (more than fifty games) to choose from. The casino games are available in both instant play and download versions; hence one can either play on the internet or download them onto their personal computers. Certain versions have been enhanced and made available in contact disk-ROM.

The design of the casino games are made to bring joy and entertainment to the players and are easy to operate. The software is designed according to the players’ and clients’ preferences, ensuring them to receive exactly the game in the way they desire. The software and game player are designed so that operators can customise the rules, bonus and other game variables. Furthermore, the online gaming is offered in fourteen varied languages, hence can be used all across the world; the languages cover all continents of the world.

What is a Proprietary Casino Software?


The online casino games are easy to play and come in different models. One can play tournaments, which can recruit new players in addition to the existing players. Players play for an accumulating jackpot after paying an entry fee. For starters, the online gaming is available whereby you can play casino practice as you develop your skills for the tournaments. Casino bonus rounds are provided by the BTG Gaming, in addition to progressing jackpots. Before one starts playing, you sign up to the BTG casino gaming and register a username and password which are required in accessing the casino gaming site.


BTG is part of the proprietary software casinos and is independent of the well-established software companies. Though the software comes with some demerits like a low number of players and lack of transparency, fair play, reliability and adequate security; some companies have developed their software with modern technology and the highest level of security encryption. They use modern infrastructure and incorporate graphics like 3D in their games. These companies now attract remarkable numbers of players to their online casino games, which are customised specifically for the individual proprietary software casinos.