Ukash Casinos

Ukash Casinos are online casinos that use the Ukash payment system.

Ukash is owned and operated by “Smart Voucher Limited” and since the company is an “Electronic Money Institution”, the FSA (United Kingdom Financial Services Authority) regulates them. The company has been able to provide a secure platform where money can be used on the internet without having concerns over security measures. Moreover, the clients do not give out personal information or credit card numbers, therefore, clients are able to make transactions anonymously and in a safe environment.

Ukash is easily comparable to spending money in the real world. Signing up requires no registration which is a haven for people who thrive in privacy. Getting Ukash is simple and fast. What needs to be done is accessing an Ukash store or via Internet bank transfer. For the store, you can purchase Ukash using real money and spend it on all sites that adorn the Ukash logo. What’s more, this service is all for free! The company charges no fee or any statement. In addition to the high-level security, the voucher displays a 19-digit unique number which on the 12th month from the date of purchase expires.

How Ukash Casinos Work?

After paying and acquiring the Ukash vouchers, you can be able to deposit to your online casino account by just submitting the unique 19-digit number that is printed on the voucher and the funds are automatically transferred to the account. What is appealing is the efficiency, simplicity and privacy offered to clients by the company. Clients who are not at ease with this financing method of purchasing vouchers for cash have an alternative of doing so online through their credit cards or by bank transfer. For privacy, these transfers will not show up in any statement, stating that the vouchers were used as a financing method for online casino gaming.

What is Ukash?

Withdrawing From a Ukash Casinos

For the time being, clients are not able to withdraw funds from Ukash casinos back into their Ukash account, some have however branded it a blessing in disguise so it is hard to take this fact as an advantage or disadvantage. So how can a player withdraw? Well in most cases, withdrawals are made by check which unfortunately takes a while to go through. However, if the figure surpasses a certain amount, the more serious online casino companies use couriers.

Nevertheless, Ukash has beneficial value to clients which include: convenience which is shown by the real time transactions that ensure funds are available to your casino account as soon as they are transferred; it is safe and secure since there is no need of providing personal financial details; it is accessible to all since they do not require clients to have a bank account; you can spend money privately; the company accepts multi-currency including USD, GBP and EUR.

To sum up; Ukash Casinos provide one of the best online casino payment solutions with high security and hassle-free usage.