POLi Casinos

Today most of the people have become crazy about online gaming, casinos and purchasing. Because of this reason, they are in need to go through the quickest and safest online payment option. Even though there are varieties of payment options available, most of them ask for credit cards. It is not possible for everyone to have credit cards because of some personal reasons. In order to provide an internet banking facility for those people, “POLi” comes with an essential solution. It is the short form of “Pay Online“.

It is really an ideal online banking facility that offers solution for players and people who don’t even have credit cards. It also offers the option of direct transfer between your bank account and the merchant’s bank account. In POLi, all the details of customers are kept safe and secure. Most of the banks available in the UK, Australia and New Zealand have been joined together with POLi. Because of this reason, customers trust this method and most of the casinos accept POLi as their payment option. There are also some casinos, which offer special bonuses to customers in the case of using POLi payment option.

History of POLi Payment Method:

This online payment company had been launched in 2006, which developed and grew rapidly over the years with a large number of satisfied customers. The introduction of POLi has been done through “Centricom Pty Ltd.” It provides the services and software related to web-based transactions independently throughout the world. The main goal of this system is to avoid credit card fraud.

Working mechanism of POLi Casinos:

The working principle is very simple. When you have decided to go for this payment option, first you need to make sure about the online service and product purchase. The next step is to download POLi and install it into your system. After the installation process, you have to login to the internet banking account by selecting it. Online payment can be done instantly after the confirmation of payment details. You can even get a receipt for your future reference.

If you want to use it for the casino and gaming purposes, you are in need of having PC with special requirements in order to download POLi onto your system. The requirements include Microsoft Windows XP SP 2, Vista, Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 or above, Server 2003, Server 2008, Firefox 2+ and Internet 6.0+. Since POLi offers step-by-step instructions and even guides at the time of installation, you can easily upgrade your system for the essential requirements. After the upgrading process, you can install the software.

If a particular online casino is accepting the POLi casino payment option, then you will probably see a button on the website indicating this payment method. You can just click on the button to make money transfer and deposits without any hassles.

Pros and Cons of POLi Casinos:

It doesn’t need any registration since it allows customers to pay directly from their internet banking account. POLi is really a better online payment solution for businesses in order to maintain financial management without credit cards. It also helps them increase the sales volume. It is completely free service. The player needs to pay only to the bank with the appropriate fees for electronic fund transfer. But, this system is not available all over the world. Because of this reason, customers are in need of checking whether the particular bank is supported by POLi through its official website.