EcoCard is a MasterCard backed online payment system. In its fundamentals, it is basically a prepaid debit card system, operating in a similar manner to PayPal. No bank account or credit check is required to obtain an EcoCard, and, as there is no credit line, there is no risk of overspending or running up a debt.

EcoCard is free to use with EcoCard merchants, and receiving payments to your EcoCard account is also free. The transfers between EcoCard accounts occur in real time, so there is no waiting period of your money to clear as there is with standard financial institutions. In addition, you can create accounts that use multiple currencies, which is useful if you buy or sell on websites or with merchants or clients from other countries.

Another benefit of using EcoCard is that you can freely transfer funds to a bank account if you wish (you just need the account’s routing number) or can withdraw cash from any ATM that will accept a MasterCard. EcoCard’s security is top-notch, and they take their customer’s privacy very seriously, from encrypting all of their pages with SSL, to giving their cardholders the option of hiding their card details when shopping online.

In addition, many of the EcoCard merchants offer promotions and discounts to other EcoCard users, all of which are listed on their website. Often these promotions include significant discounts on various products or services, and they update frequently, so be sure to check their website at least once a week.

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