BackgammonWith no doubt, backgammon is one of the most ancient gambling games in the world. History of backgammon even goes back to Persian Empire. The shapes and materials of the dice, playing pieces (checkers and droughts) and board have changed over time of course. In spite of slight additions like “Doubling Cube“, the main rules have never changed at all.

Although it seems a simple game at the first sight, when you get experienced, you will observe that there are a huge number of tactics and strategies that “tease your brain” similar to a chess game.  So we as “Casino Recommender Team” think that it is one of the most challenging luck games that should be located in category of skill games. The main element that weakens the factor of skill against luck is “dice“. There is no formula other than luck, for throwing dice to have the desired result. If you can not have the needed dice results then your knowledge and experience do not play an important role during the play.

Thanks to the internet backgammon you can participate in the worldwide backgammon tournaments facing your global opponents. Also, you can play against a computer software if you do not prefer to play with a person.

All you need to do is to visit one of the “CR Approved Backgammon Rooms” recommended by CR above and then play for free or with real money. We recommend you to play for free at first and then for money after having the adequate backgammon knowledge of strategy and tactics.

If you need a comprehensive information of rules, movement, variants, strategies, and backgammon setup, you should visit Wikipedia which is the ultimate information source.